Sabrina Siojo


Realizing a dream, expressing one's lifestyle, creating an environment for one's self, family, and people closest to you. Going through one of the most important investment decisions in life is a very special endeavor. It deserves no less than working with a professional who can guide you through the process with empathy for your needs and aspirations, and a wealth of knowledge, experience, and style. This sometimes fearful and frustrating experience can also be a frictionless and exciting event when guided by the right realtor.

Sabrina knows the San Francisco East Bay well, having lived and raised her family in the area. She has represented both Buyers and Sellers since 1998. For every client, she gives her utmost attention to aspirations, and goals; understanding needs, preferences, interests, dislikes, and constraints; while exercising flexibility to time demands, unraveling transaction complexity and facing challenges with poise and verve.

You will get to know the East Bay she loves - the neighborhoods, schools, festivals, restaurants, specialty shops, and entertainment venues; as well as Northern California destinations. She will vet current listings so your search will be efficient and packed with information. You will find her advice on architecture, style, and design elements invaluable - she was once a practicing interior designer and a civil engineer by education.

As a Seller, you can be assured that she will price your property competitively, while highlighting elements that attract the right Buyers. Your property will be marketed professionally with high visibility through generous advertising and backed by Intero Real Estate resources. You will receive advice on staging and presentation; and your property will be exposed and matched to other realtors' Buyers in a timely and opportunistic manner.

You will be represented and guided by a professional who is well versed in the intricate language of real estate transactions and process. She is meticulous in contracts, disclosures, and all the necessary compliance documentation. She is an expert negotiator and will facilitate the whole process with a view towards clarity in decision-making, positioning and closing strategy.

The choice of a realtor is a crucial first step. Choosing Sabrina will bring you confidence, a solid partnership, and satisfaction in the experience.

As your Real Estate Consultant, you will work with a knowledgeable and well-trained professional who is in tune with the market; whether you’re selling or buying. She is a person of high integrity, trustworthy, honest, and committed to find you the house you desire; or obtain the price you demand on your property.

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