Frances Bibbs


My name is Frances Bibbs.  I am married and the mother of two adult children, a boy and girl, both 19 years old.  I chose to become a realtor to help others achieve the dream of owning their own home, which I was able to achieve 21 years ago, when I purchased my first home with my husband. 


I have been in the legal field for the last 36 years.  The skills I have acquired over those years have allowed me to become organized and methodical in the way I complete a task or solve a problem.  I have had to be an independent thinker and problem solver for as many as 5 attorneys to as few as 1 attorney.  I have the ability to multi-task.  I type fast with 95% accuracy.  I have a mind for details and am very personable and polite on the telephone.  I pride myself on customer service and do my best to obtain an answer for the clients of the law firms I have worked at previously.  I have knowledge of contracts and laws and understand the principles of business and law.


I believe the skills I have mentioned previously will allow me to do a thorough and great job for my real estate clients, whether they are buying or selling a home.  I have acquired a can do attitude and firmly believe that there Is a solution to every problem and won’t quit until I have found a satisfactory answer for my client.  I am a hard worker and give 100% to my clients (or the clients of the law firm).


I am a realtor with Intero (Walnut Creek).  I chose this company because I feel that their philosophy of doing the best for their clients lines up with my own philosophy.  I take the time needed to make my clients feel as knowledgeable as they can be and comfortable with the process of buying a home, whether it’s their first time or not.  My goal is to help you make your dream of owning a home a realty.  I look forward to serving you in your search for the perfect home. 

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